Lion's Paw Sailing

The Boat


Lion's Paw is a 1964 35' Allied Seabreeze. Only 135 Allied's were built by designer Maclear and Harris between 1963 and 1972. Making Lion's Paw not only an antique, but a rare one as well. Of the 135, only 2 boats are known to be out of commission. The rest, including ours, are actively sailed or being refurbished. According to Frank Maclear, "The boat was designed to be sailed anywhere in the world." We certainly have loved the design of our boat and her many qualities. Including an inch-thick hull and beautiful lines.

Photography courtesy of Vikki Nelson and Matt Gamel.


Matt and I met in 2005, when we were just some crazy kids in high school. Since then it has been nothing but boats and exploration. Lion's Paw is singular chapter in our tale of adventure, but it is going to be an amazing one.

Matt and Vikki on Boat 2.jpg