Since this was the first time Matt and I had ever had a bed we could design on our own, we wanted to make it as comfy as possible. Matt and I have always wanted a queen bed so the most important priority in renovating the bedroom obviously had to be making the bed as large as possible.

Cabin_2011 (3).JPG

The good news was that the original vinyl mattresses were still in-tact and in good condition. But a single foam mattress does not make for a very comfortable bed and a large open space in the middle isn't the best situation for two people in a loving relationship. 



With that in mind, first thing were decided to add to the bed was a tray to hold up the new addition. We also always wanted memory foam. So we found an old memory foam mattress and cut out pieces to fill the tray and add on top of the mattresses already there. In case you are wondering, we cut them out with an electric turkey carver and it made a pretty clean cut. Obviously, moon like the addition of a new base as well.

Bedroom_Cabinet_November2014 (2).jpg


Finding enough space for clothes is always a challenge on the boat, so Matt and I figured we could use some of the wasted space in the closet to add some cabinets.


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boat bed.jpg


Now we have our queen sized, memory foam bed! I even get to be surrounded by my books. You can't really tell in the pictures, but we even have a lovely hatch right above us to let in the nice night air and stare at the stars.