Repaint 2011 

The folks at the yard said we easily had the award for nastiest bottom when we came in. As you can see, she certainly wouldn't win that award anymore. Though the work was difficult, it was a testament to the quality of Allied's that our boat didn't have any blisters in the bottom despite years of barnacle growth.

BottomCleaning_January2011 (18).jpg


Underneath the layers of barnacles, we were happily surprised to find that the hull was blister free. While power washing got rid of the worst of the barnacles, it took days worth of elbow grease to scrape off the last of the most stubborn ones. The rainy weather certainly didn't help much. 

BottomCleaning_January2011 (16).jpg


Sunny weather makes for much kinder working conditions. It took days to remove all the barnacles and smooth out the bottom, but we were so excited to add the first coat of bottom paint, that it made all the work worth it. 

BottomCleaning_January2011 (15).jpg


We added about three coats of bottom paint. It was like an entirely new boat.  

BottomCleaning_January2011 (4).jpg


Eventually,  we cleaned and buffed the rest of the sides. We also fixed up the racing stripe and filled in the gouges along the edge. We were so happy that we actually hugged our beautiful new boat.


When the big day arrived to put her back in the water, everyone at the yard was super impressed with how much better she was. We not only fixed her aesthetics, we also installed a depth finder, replaced the propeller, fixed the thru-holes and changed out the steering wire. It ended our first big chapter into renovating the Lion's Paw.