Day 12-Feb. 12, 2018

The next day would be another chore day. We headed into Banana Bay Resort and Marina, which had a great dinghy docking deal. For $10 a day we were able to use all the facilities of the resort, including pool, wi-fi, laundry and showers. The grounds were relaxing and the staff were welcoming. It was perfect for catching up on some chores and projects. Overall, it wasn't the most exciting day for us, but it certainly was productive.

After finishing all our chores, we took the dinghy to a classic wood motor yacht. The owners, Ken and Nancy, were kind enough to invite us over for a few drinks after admiring Matt's handmade dinghy. Like us, Ken and Nancy were the kind of cruisers that preferred doing their own work. There's a certain camaraderie shared among boat owners that are do-it-yourself types. Boat owners tend to fall into one of two categories. They either tend to be what are called “Yachties” or “Cruisers.” “Yachties” are said to be the types who hire out when something breaks, while “Cruisers” will fix it themselves. It's not meant to be anything derogatory, as a “Cruiser,” like us, would love to be able to hire out most of our jobs, if we could afford it. But, the cost of being a “Yachtie” is that when something does break, and they are away from service, they won't know how to fix it. I must admit, that despite all the money, frustration and effort that we have put into this boat, I probably wouldn't want to do this trip without the kind of skills and knowledge we have developed from working on Lion's Paw. I feel very confident in our abilities to fix and maintain the boat and I know this confidence would not exist if we hadn't worked on the boat as much as we did. It was a pleasure to speak with Nancy and Ken, who were a wealth of fun stories and helpful information. After a cup of orange juice and rum, we said our good nights and headed back a few friends richer.

Vikki Nelson2 Comments