Day 13-Feb. 13, 2018

The next day would prove to be a stressful one, as I had two Skype interviews scheduled. We figured since we had the opportunity, we should go full vagabond and setup poolside. I was particularly excited because one of the interviews was with an organization located in Fiji. While both interviews went well, one opportunity was sadly not possible this season, since they wanted me to start too early. But, the other one went well, and they even asked for a second interview next week. While I didn't relish the concept of remaining in Marathon for another week, I was super excited about the possibility of working with a great organization in Fiji.

After the interviews, which took about 3 hours, I was mentally exhausted and ready for a break. This was when I realized the joys of working by a pool. While it was a short swim, it certainly helped with the post interview jitters. Afterward, Matt and I headed back to the boat to discuss Valentine's day plans.

Vikki Nelson2 Comments