The galley was in desperate need of renovation and update. The lack of a proper fridge, stove or pantry made the galley impossible to use, in fact, proper plumbing wasn't even installed. 



The galley was definitely not winning any beautiful boat contests when we first saw it. The wood was faded, the Formica counters were gouged and dirty and there were no real amenities beyond a sink and an ice box. Clearly, we had our work cut out for us. 



While we sadly lack photos from most of the renovation, as we were getting tunnel vision and primarily focused on finishing projects, the galley went through one of the most dramatic changes on the boat. The biggest part of this change was tiling the galley counters. Since Matt and I lacked the necessary specialty tools required for many projects, we often had to get inventive. Our resourcefulness and patience was pushed to the limit while tiling the counters since, for the first half of the project, the only thing we had to cut tiles with was a lapidary saw. Lapidary saws are very flexible and thin compared to an actual tile saw, and by the 20th tile, we had bent it. The frustration this caused finally pushed us to get an actual tile blade, an admittedly much more efficient tool.



Aside from beautifying the galley, we also had a lot of appliances in need of update or installation. We didn't feel we had a need for an oven, so we decided to enlarge storage and counter space by turning the ice box into the pantry and installing a mini fridge where the stove used to be. We also installed a sliding stove in the pantry and worked a microwave into one of the cabinet spaces. 

Kitchen_Cabinet_November2014 (3).jpg


One of the last big galley projects was installing new cabinets and making a mosaic for the pantry door. Making the mosaic was an extremely fun process. How boring can a project be that involves breaking plates and tiles with hammers? The installation of new cabinets...Not quite as fun. Fun fact: Nothing is square on a boat!



There were a number of other smaller projects that we did on the galley, but these were some of the major ones. It is worlds away from what it once was and we can't wait to put it to the test at sea.