Boat Projects

From the moment we bought our boat, Matt and I knew that we were buying  a big project. While Lion's Paw had a lot of things going for it; a fully-functioning Yanmar engine, inch-thick hull and decent sails; there were also many parts that needed improvement. Matt and I have fixed up just about every part of Lion's Paw. While the rebuild has been costly in both money and spirit, it has provided us with the priceless gifts of confidence in our skills and tenacity that comes from building something with our own hands. We hope that this page will inspire our readers to pursue their own projects of renewal and find that same sense of confidence and strength.


"If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." 
-E. B. White


The Bottom


the Bottom

We have had to clean up and re-paint the hull and bottom about three times since we bought the boat, but it is easily the most rewarding project since the difference is always staggering.


The Deck

The Deck

It is an absolute necessity to make the deck as safe and efficient as possible, as this is where the majority of a sailors work needs to be done. In our case, the deck required a ton of work before it was going to be ready for the water. The deck needed to be repainted with grip paint, the sails needed to be made easier to handle and handrails needed to be installed, just to name a few of our necessary projects. Thanks to all that work in more, I am happy to say that we are no longer at as high of a risk of falling off the boat, and she looks pretty nice too.


The Cabin

The Cabin

Unlike the deck, which needs to renovated based entirely on efficiency and safety, the cabin is more about comfort and proper space utilization. You also need to make sure everything isn't going to fall and break while your underway. The galley and the bathroom easily went through the most extensive transformation, the rest of the cabin was a fairly simple restoration project. Matt and I were proud to be able to restore a great deal of the classic design and furniture that made the boat so appealing to us.