Repaint 2015

The second time was a lot easier than the first. While the damage to the bottom wasn't to bad, the sides were looking pretty bad. We decided we would try to paint the sides to give it a nicer look and a more mirror-like finish.

Cleaning_Bottom_July2015 (3).jpg


By the second time around, Matt and I had a good understanding of what needed to be done, and the lack of immense amounts of barnacles made the process a lot easier. Of course, you never really get used to all the nasty dust. Safety first!

Cleaning_Bottom_July2015 (4).jpg


The other difficulty in maintaining something, is that the more you perform a chore, the higher your standards become for how it should look. Matt and I are both perfectionists, so sometimes we would get caught up on fixing small details. That being said, this was the point when Matt and I decided to re-paint the hull as well as the bottom. 


While most folks spend thousands to get a professional spray paint job to get that glossy look, Matt and I decided to give it a try ourselves. Matt and I hand painted the entire hull with a 2-part coat. Our perfectionism worked out for us in this case, as the hull came out glossy with a great mirror finish.