Repaint 2017

Third times a charm! In December of 2017, Matt and I finished what would hopefully be our final bottom job. By this point, we were old pros, and the project went by a lot faster than it ever had. 



This time when we brought the boat to the yard, the hull was still mostly mirror-like in appearance, but it had yellowed a bit. The racing strip had also worn off and the bottom was in need of some serious improvement.



The bottom was not only faded, but it also had gouges. Matt and I did our best to be as efficient as possible, I worked on prepping the toe rails above and Matt worked on prepping the bottom.



Most of the work consisted of a lot of taping, and painting, then more taping and more painting. It can be tedious and even a little stressful, despite its simplicity. Most of the stress comes from not being sure if you put the tape down well enough or if it will keep the paint from bleeding through.

BottomCleaningDecember2017 (2).jpg


Once again, little details become ridiculously important to people who do the same job multiple times. Though we got many compliments for our work, Matt and I would often see little things and grimace. But upon reflection, I think we really have come a long way with fixing things up. Looking at all the old photos really helps me comprehend that.



She looks so good! I just love looking at my reflection in the side.