Sitting Room

Thankfully, the sitting area didn't need too much work. Since Matt and I loved the classic look of the cabin, we endeavored to restore as much of the interior as we could. This meant shinning up the mahogany and teak, scrubbing and cleaning the mattresses and installing some nice accents.

Cabin_July2010 (3).JPG


Though the look on my face shows my concern, Matt already had the picture in his mind of how wonderful the sitting area would look once it was restored. With strong mahogany paneling and teak floors, the damage was only skin deep. As you can probably imagine, I required a bit of convincing.



Boat cat Moon always made sure we stayed focused. The biggest project necessary to fix up the sitting area was to restore the teak floor. To strengthen it up Matt and I settled on Polyurethane. It took about three coats but the shine that developed was a phenomenal. It's a great reminder that not everything needs to always be replaced just because its old.

Cabin_July2010 (15).JPG


The sheets on the mattresses brought back scary memories of clowns, so we had no choice but to get rid of them. Luckily, underneath the sheets, the mattresses were made of a much more pleasing vinyl. 

Cabin_November2014 (3).jpg


Just like the teak floor, the mahogany paneling came back to life after a healthy coat of Poly. I will happily admit that I jumped for joy a little when I saw how much better the wood looked. 



I was definitely a happy fiance when I found that Matt stuck to a blue color scheme for the interior. He knows its my favorite color. After the installation of some new nautical themed lights and some LED's along the shelves, the sitting room was finally complete, of course, a few more accessories wouldn't hurt.