The Cabin

The cabin was one of the big reasons we decided to buy the boat. For one thing, as a tall man, Matt consistently has issues finding spaces that can accommodate him, and not force him to crouch or watch his head. The tall ceilings in the cabin were high throughout, making it perfectly Matt sized from the v-berth to the galley. Furthermore, the design is authentic and sturdy, yet still pleasing to the eye with a symmetrical layout and beautiful mahogany wood. The floor was a healthy teak that simply needed to be sanded and shined up again. Matt and I love classic designs such as these, and knew that it would look wonderful once restored.


If you can't repair it, maybe it shouldn't be on board.


-Lin and Larry Pardey

boat bed.jpg


The bedroom, A.K.A. the v-berth, was a fairly simple project compared to the rest of the boat. The big projects were adding some cabinet space and expanding the bed from a V-berth to a full triangle.

Bathroom_2011 (3).jpg


The bathroom, or head, went through the most dramatic transformation on the boat. From the sink, to the toilet, to the floor, nothing was left untouched. 


Sitting Area

There wasn't much that needed to be done to the sitting area. Mostly, the wood desperately needed to be oiled and the cushions needed to be cleaned. The floor was a different story. Initially, the floor was dusty and faded, but after three coats of polyurethane, it was back to its shiny self. 



The galley was another area that went through an extensive face lift. When we first saw it, it didn't have proper plumbing, it had gouged up Formica counters and it lacked a stove top or proper fridge. Since it has been in our care, I am proud to say it is has twice as much storage and counter space and even has plumbing!