The Deck


When we first saw the boat, the deck, and its associated parts; the mast, the wheel, the toe rail, etc.; were easily the worst parts of the boat in terms of damage, and the area that took the most amount of time to renovate. From climbing up the mast, to soldering wires, to sewing sails our deck work has helped us develop more skills than working on any other part of the boat.


"The perfection of a yacht's beauty is that nothing should be there for only beauty's sake."
- John MacGregor

AnchorRoller_November2014 (10).jpg

Anchor Roller

The anchor roller is a an important part of every boat. It prevents your anchor from gouging and dirtying up the deck and, if you have an artistic fiance, it can be a beautiful symbol for your ship. 

DeckPainting_January2018 (2).jpg

Deck Painting

Deck painting was one of the most exhaustive jobs we had to do in renovating the boat, as you spend days bent down scrapping, taping or painting. Nonetheless, the results are definitely worth it, but it certainly doesn't make you want to tape anything again for a while.


Toe Rail

When Matt and I realized the extent of the damage to the toe rail, we were a bit worried. Making an entirely new toe rail requires not only large amounts of high grade wood; which can get expensive; but a great deal of time and effort due to the complexity of the project. Thankfully, Matt was able to find an alternate method that holds up just as well.