Toe Rail

The toe rail was another sad part of the deck that needed a complete upgrade. The mahogany wood had grayed from years of sun exposure, wood had rotted to the point that it was breaking and some areas even had algae growing on it. We decided to replace the entirety of the toe rail with new Ipe around a core made of plastic decking that never rots. 

Toerail_July2010 (3).JPG


It was a shame to see, but the mahogany wood that was originally used to make the toe rail was completely destroyed from the elements. 

Toerail_July2010 (4).JPG


Some areas had even fallen off, leaving large gaps. Sadly, it was completely unsalvageable, so Matt and I had no choice but to get rid of all of it. 



We endeavored to get wood that would naturally be more capable of handling the assaults of the sea, and settled on Ipe.

Toerail_July2014 (5).jpg


For those unfamiliar with Ipe wood, also known as Brazilian walnut; even though it isn't related to true walnut; it is an extremely hard and dense wood that is highly rot and insect resistant. In fact, Ipe was used on the Coney Island dock boardwalk and didn't need to be replaced for 25 years.



The core is made of a highly durable and rot-resistant plastic used for decks. This means that maintenance is minimal. We only need to oil it every 3 months, and that's mostly just for aesthetics. Hopefully, the future owner will appreciate it.